Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is where I write non-sense

I would someday like to be a mail carrier. One of my YMCA buddies, whom I take spin class with is a mail carrier. She looked sexy. But she is older. And I do not have the hots for her. She is nice. But seeing her for the first time in her uniform, made me remember how I still someday wish to be a mail woman. I finally went back to Step class tonight. Samantha introduced a few new steps. It takes me a few tries, but eventually I catch on. My step stool kept sliding. I tripped a few times. Yikes. I always trip. Oh well. I am as clumsy as they come.

I am excited to chaperone for Caliah's class tomorrow. I am grateful to help out her teacher. I also wished I were a teacher when I was growing up. Now, I just admire them. Teachers are my heroes. To date, Caliah's best teacher has been Mrs. McKee. However, Cali tells me Mr. Federbusch is quikly becoming her fave. I have really not interacted much with him...but he seems super. Plus...he's handsome. Especially for a man. Since I never even care to look at men. This one is quite beautiful, tho.

Tomorrow is Friday. My Monday. I don't wanna work. I just wanna sleep the weekend away. Actually, I wish I could take the girls to the fall festival at the Y tomorrow. But...can't. Stupid work schedule.

I hope to find a job the second Avelina starts all day kinder next year. I miss working 'normal' hours.

My head hurts.
And I feel blah today.
Tis being a woman. Embrace it.

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